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Production times per product in weeks and delivery date per today (green is within six weeks)


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Production times per product in weeks and delivery date per today 

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If there is a problem with a cabinet, it will be replaced in its entirety unless it is a very large cabinet or difficult to reach. So in principle no repair at the customer. Pastoe exchanges and takes the cupboard back.


If customers want to refinish one of the doors of a cabinet, this can be done for € 35 per front within five years of purchase. The doors are sent to pastoe and returned by us after processing. Payment for all service work is done via pastoe.


Pastoe installs cabinets at the customer on behalf of the dealer. In the Netherlands at 5% and in Belgium at 10% of the consumer price.


We exchange showroom cabinets free of charge within three years. The dealer exchanges against the original value of the showroom cabinet.


Pastoe invests a lot to offer the very highest service. To prevent noise, you can forward all customer complaints to us. We handle it and you can focus on selling new cabinets. For this reason, we have also decided to assist customers with replacement parts. So if you have a customer who wants an A'dammer roller shutter, send it to us.


We have a platform where we sell the showroom models that come back from the dealers, or customers. Because they have gone out of production, because the cabinets have been exchanged for new models, because of damage or simply because customers have opted for a different model. As part of our high service and sustainable strategy, we would like to give these cabinets a safe home. We call them cabinets with a backpack and they are for sale in our Orphanage. When you as a dealer sell a model through this platform, you receive 10% of the sale price. Sign up via , the bill will then go through you. Pastoe takes care of the delivery and handling (Note, because there are delivery costs on our orphanage cupboards).










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sleepboot 4

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