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Re: Re: Orders

in "Pastoe sales" <> - maandag 20-12-2021 23:56:58
Dear Julia,

Thank you for your email. Good to hear that the goods have arrived. 

You point regarding sending invoices before the goods have left Pastoe are well taken. Normal procedure is:
  • goods are packed
  • Invoice is send
  • goods are shipped (leaving Pastoe) every Thursday
  • goods arrive at the dealer within a week to 10 days.
Furthermore we can invite you for the Patsoe portal. Here you can see all your invoices and status of your Pastoe products.

Go to and subscribe on he right top at "account". Please use the email address you used to submit orders to Pastoe.You create your own password and you can look at all the information.

Please let me know if you need a hand.

Awaiting your reply.

Kind regards,
Saskia van Bohemen
t +31 30 258 55 55
Op Ma, 20 Dec om 4:54 PM , Julia Winter <> schreef:
Hi Paul
Again we have received reminders for goods which were delivered only at the 18.12.21 !!
See enclosed file.
Invoice 7138 – 19.11.21 – Arrived 18.12.21
Invoice 7192 – 22.11.21 – Arrived 18.12.21
Invoice 7185 – 22.11.21 – Is missing – please sent it to us by mail
We would like to draw your attention to the fact that we do not appreciate being charged for goods that are delivered about a month later and would like to ask you to charge us only when the goods have actually left the factory or to refrain from sending us reminders.
Thank you
Best regards
Neumarkt 17 AG
Julia Winter
Von: Pastoe sales <>
Gesendet: Donnerstag, 9. Dezember 2021 11:22
Cc: Julia Winter <>;; Andreas Schwarz <>; Sonja Reichen <>; Jeannette Frey <>;
Betreff: Re: Re: Orders
Dear Julia,
Thanks for your mail.
Your frustration is understandable. The unbelievable amount of orders this year means that delivery times have increased. Suppliers have much longer delivery times and the pressure is sometimes difficult to handle. A luxury problem, but hard to manage. 

Due to customs, the transport time is usually a maximum of 2 weeks. The order you mentioned was billed to early due to an administrative error. The frame was not in stock yet, but the order was accidentally checked done in its entirety. The bill will then be automatically debited. That shouldn't have happened, our apologies.

We are seeing that it is getting a little quieter again and that we can slowly deliver a little earlier. But at the moment the delivery time is still 14 to 20 weeks. Everything is handmade here in our own factory, so we can't make twice as much at once.
Kind regards,
Paul Remarque  | marketing & communicatie
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Op Wo, 8 Dec om 10:05 AM , Sonja Reichen <> schreef:
Guten Tag
Ich bin am Donnerstag 9. Dezember 2021 wieder im Büro.
Bis dahin wird Ihre E-Mail nicht gelesen.
Bitte wenden Sie sich in dringenden Fällen an oder 044 254 38 38.
Freundliche Grüsse
Sonja Reichen