Our systems provide you with the components to design your own cabinet. As a result, almost all cabinets that leave the pastoe factory are unique. pastoe cabinets characterize simplicity and timelessness. Each model has unique features and capabilities. Special cabinets that become personal with your own taste.


With nine different models, making a choice is not easy. But we can help you. Chat, email, call or drop by.

🗸   Compose your own cabinet

🗸   107 years experience in furniture making

🗸   10 year warranty and endless care



The Landscape system is characterized by the sheets in which the components are built up and has endless possibilities. The playful, yet refined character makes Landscape unique in its kind.

Landscape is suitable for:


🗸 eye catcher

🗸 tv cabinet

🗸 sideboard

🗸 storage cabinet



Vision is the system with the most possibilities. The cabinet is completely mitred so that the fronts fit perfectly into the body and thus have an elegant character.

Vision is suitable for:


🗸 eye catcher

🗸 TV cabinet

🗸 sideboard

🗸 wall combination



Track is more of a wall than a closet. But due to its open nature suitable for showing your most precious memories. With the help of our configurator you can design a Track wall with uprights, shelves, drawers and rear panels.

Track is suitable for:


🗸 eye catcher

🗸 TV cabinet / sideboard

🗸 wall combination

🗸 bookcase



The L-Series is characterized by its hood and plinth. You can compose the cabinet in seven heights and widths and fill it in with drawers, doors, flaps and open compartments as desired. The L-Series is mainly suitable as a robust sideboard or storage cabinet. But with L-Maze you can also make a bookcase.

L-Series / L-Maze is suitable for:


🗸 eye catcher

🗸 tv cabinet

🗸 sideboard

🗸 storage cabinet

🗸 bookcase



With the ribbed roller door as a feature, the A'dammer is now a design classic. Nowadays you can choose a different color inside than the outside. in 2016 we turned the cabinet 90 degrees to the A'dammer Twist. The A'dammer travels all over the world, 100 go to South Korea every year.

The A'dammer is suitable for:


🗸 eye catcher

🗸 sideboard

🗸 storage cabinet

🗸 bookcase



After the success of Vision, the collection was expanded in 2013 with Vision Cabinets. Six cabinets arranged by us where you only have to add your favorite colors. These design statements are perfect for smaller spaces.

The Vision Cabinet is suitable as:


🗸 eye catcher

🗸 storage cabinet


The Frame is a timeless cabinet on a slender base. Its wide handles emphasize the horizontal shape. The sideboard is inspired by the famous U + N cupboards by Cees Braakman. The Frame only has two variants. 180 or 270 wide in natural walnut.

The Frame is suitable as:


🗸 eye catcher

🗸 sideboard

🗸 tv cabinet



De Noon derives its unique character from the fine frame that continues around the hulls. It is a low sideboard in two sizes that you can decorate and color according to your taste.

The Noon is suitable as:


🗸 eye catcher

🗸 tv cabinet

🗸 sideboard


DB01 sideboard


A reissue of the vintage Braakman DB01 from the 50s. Completely finished in birch and back in the Original collection of pastoe since 2020.

The DB01 is suitable as:

🗸 eye catcher

🗸 dresser










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