Being sustainable is a continuous process of improvement. We endorse the importance of being careful with our planet and its inhabitants, people and nature. This means that we question our suppliers about the origin of their materials and their manufacturing process. If there is an alternative of equivalent quality, we will always choose the most sustainable solution. Our semi-finished products come from our immediate vicinity (the Netherlands and Europe) and do not require long transport lines. The manufacturing process meets all environmental requirements. For example, we recently admitted new types of wood to our collection, but only because it comes from sustainable plantations and complies with strict European rules. We encourage everyone to live as close to the factory as possible and are constantly exploring alternatives that require less use of raw materials and cause less waste.

Our main sustainability principle is that our products are made to last. There are many pastoe furniture that has been in a family for more than 50 years and we pay a lot of attention to helping to preserve old furniture, such as supplying parts. Our furniture therefore retains a high value. With the Pastoe Orphanage program we ensure that young furniture of good quality is given a new chance. We do not throw away, but sand, paint and rebuild the cupboard for a new home. If economic and ecological sustainability coincide, this is the best result for our planet and society.









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