SINCE 1913

The Pastoe factory started in 1913 with the mass production of chairs in Utrecht (The Netherlands) and we have become a world producer of design furniture since. In these 105 years we had to adjust regularly to new demands and requirements of our customers. We have recently moved to a new factory in Houten. This was an important step in the improvement of our production process and a major condition in order to keep producing quality furniture. We now are even more able to incorporate the specific requirements and preferences of our customers into the production of their furniture.

In the factory, sheets change into furniture. We spray paint in 60 different Pastoe colors, continuously improve through innovation and taking small steps every day in the further greening of our assembly process. Did you know that all the materials we use are produced within 80 km of our factory? We also, out of sustainability concerns, accepts the eternal care for all our products. However old the furniture is, we help the owner with the replacement of parts, repainting, advice on maintenance or we facilitate the process of exchanging old furniture for new.

A virtual tour through the production proces

1. We collect hundreds of panels in our warehouse. When all the right panels for an order are received, they are loaded onto a cart for the assembly proces

2. The cabinets have to be accurate to the millimeter. Custom panels go first to woodshop. Here we also make cable entries for equipment in and on the cabinet

3. All panels are carefully sanded in the sanding department. Depending on colour, this process sometimes repeats itself 4 times. The lacquer must attach perfectly.

4. After the sanding the panels enter the paint shop. The men prepare the 60 Pastoe colors and apply the paint on the panels.

5. After painting, each panel is thoroughly checked. There should not be any unevenness. If we find the smallest dustparticle, the panel goes back to the sanding shop.

6. When everything is in order, our furniture makers start the assembly. Every cabinet builder is specialized in a product line. Your Vision combination is most likely built by Sergio, Marek, Dennis or Soufian. Lars, Ronald and Omar assemble the Landscape, L-Serie and Noon. André and Ronald build A'dammers

We currently have 8 different nationalities working at Pastoe.






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