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The pastoe factory started in 1913 with the industrial production of chairs in Utrecht (the Netherlands). Since then we have grown into a manufacturer of design furniture, deeply embedded in the Dutch Design tradition. Pastoe furniture is sold all over the world. In 2016 the factory moved to Houten. Our production process has been adapted to the requirements of the time and the new factory offers us the opportunity to continue for another 100 years. A visit to the factory and the factory showroom is worthwhile. And feel free to bring the children.

We buy custom panels, sand and paint them (in 48 colors), check each part, assemble the parts with great precision and prepare them for delivery. From Aalst to South Korea. Every day we try to improve the manufacturing process and make it more sustainable. In this way, all materials come within a radius of 80 km from our factory. And we accept care for our products forever. Every day we still send parts of cabinets that were produced by us a long time ago. Sustainability starts with taking care of your products.

A virtual tour of the production

1. We collect hundreds of panels in our warehouse. Arne and Marcel check and transport all incoming articles before they are put in place. When all the correct panels for an order have been received, they will be charged.

2. Many of our cabinets today, have cable glands, slots and recesses to be as functional and convenient as possible. Arne ensures that these adjustments are carried out with precision and are neatly finished.

3. In the sanding house, all panels are carefully sanded. This ensures better adhesion of the paint. The large panels first go through the machine, after which everything is sanded by hand so that the edges are sharp and beautiful.

4. After sanding, the panels are covered with tape on one side. We can only spray one side at a time. After preparing the right color, the spray guns will appear. The panels are sometimes re-sanded and sprayed up to four times to guarantee the best quality. After this, the panels are in the drying room for one to two days.

5. After painting, each panel is carefully checked. There should not be any imperfections to be seen or felt. If we do find a dust or a hole ....., the panel will go back to the sanding house.

6. When all panels are approved, our furniture makers start building. Each cabinet builder has its own model in which he / she specializes. Your Vision combination has probably been built by Sergio, Marek, Dennis or Hamid. Lars, Ronald, Ton and Omar build the Landscape, L-Series and Noon. A'dammers are made by Ronald and Farly.

Currently eight different nationalities work at pastoe. With the common good of building the best cabinets in Europe, the integration is going very well at pastoe!









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